Six forms of art you could never hear of

What just artists do not use in the modern world to create a spectacular picture. Ordinary paints are not always good. Shadows, blood, dust and others. Sometimes it is exciting, sometimes terrifying.

Shadow art

We do not know when the artists started to use the shadows in art, but modern works look impressive. Famous artists who use shadows are Kumi Yamashita and Fred Erdekens.

The themes of horror or urbanization are popular in this field. For example, the team of Tim Noble and Sue Webster created the piece “Dirty White Trash” where they used garbage to create the shadows of two people who are sitting with back to each other, smoking and drinking.

Another shadow artist, Rashad Alekperov, uses colourful glass to create paintings on an empty wall.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster "Dirty White Trash", source Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Body Fluid Art

Here artists mainly use the urine and blood of people or animals. For example, the Brazilian artist Vinicius Quesada paints only with his own blood. He is known for a series of paintings called " Blood Piss Blues". These paintings create a dark atmosphere. One of his famous works is Mr. Monkey.

Another artist Hermann Nitsch calls his work "Theater of Orgies and Mysteries." Once, he used five dead pigs and 600 litres of blood for his performance. The main themes of his art are the themes of sacrifice, suffering, death and rebirth, writes

Vinicius Quesada "Mr. Monkey", source Vinicius Quesada

Dirty Car Art

Yes, it is also art. We are accustomed to seeing the words “wash me” on the cars, but the American graphic designer Scott Wade became famous for his drawings on dirty cars, on which you can see beautiful castles, portraits of people and so on. He prefers to work on glass covered with several layers of dirt, but often he uses oil and a hair dryer for live performances.


This is one of the surrealist techniques that uses smoke from a candle flame, a match or a gas lamp to create drawings. This technique was introduced into practice in the 1920s by Austrian artist Wolfgang Paalen.

Ecological art

One of the examples of the combination of art, ecology and technology are Smog Free towers. They are covered with metal petals. They serve as a filter for smog and purify the air in megacities.

Urban smog consists of 42% carbon which is also included in diamonds. Another example of ecological art is Smog free rings the heart of which include the compressed dust of Beijing and Rotterdam smog. The cost of each is equal to donation, which is enough to clean 1000 m3 of air, writes Forbes.

Smog free rings, photo Studio Roosegaarde, source Forbes 

VR art

Virtual reality is not just a buzzword in the world of technology, but a great platform for artists.

Joe Napkil engaged in sculpture in virtual reality. Sci-fi and horror films have influenced his art. He has worked on Star Trek and The Avengers.

VR is not only for paintings and sculptures. For example, Jordan Wolfson presented a project called “Real Violence” - an unparalleled experience. It makes you feel real violence. You see how one person attacks another, and you don't know if he survives.

Joe Napkil's work, source Dextra 

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