Strategies in the Cultural Sector: Ragnar Siil’s Online Course

The EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme has launched its new online course called Cultural Strategies. By taking this course, you will learn how to draw up a strategy for a cultural organisation and prepare documents that will have a real impact.

The course lecturer, Ragnar Siil, is certain that such a strategy is as essential for the Ministry of Culture and city councils as it is for museums, theatres, universities and private cultural organisations.

You should take the Cultural Strategies course if:

· You are looking for new models and methods to help you assess the organisation’s work and its place in the cultural landscape.

· You want to know the key trends and topics of contemporary cultural strategies.

· You want to make the planning process open, with the possibility of sharing ideas and engaging partners.

Ragnar Siil, a specialist of the EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme, has been working for over ten years in state, non-profit and commercial organisations. He is the former Deputy Minister of Culture of Estonia for Creative Economy and currently heads the Creative Lab, a consulting company that works with cultural policy and the development of the creative industries.

The online course will take 30 minutes of your time.

After completing a short test, you will receive a certificate from the EU-EaP Culture and Creativity Programme.

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