Typical Mistakes Made at Event Check-In

Have you ever experienced a hold-up before you have even entered an event? Problems at check-in mean that you may enter the event feeling stressed, irritated and disappointed in the organisers.

It also leaves a poor first impression: would guests feel encouraged to partner up and make significant world culture changes together when the check-in experience was disorganised? Some of the main areas that many organisers can improve include:

  • Better and clearer signage to show queuing stations

  • Adding more staff to clear the queues

  • Having senior staff readily available to handle any issues

  • Training volunteers properly

  • Staff trained to fix technical problems

  • Communicate with guests early and before the event 

It is also important to ensure guests know of any dress codes, ticket rules, identification needs and other rules of the event. Guests should also know the times available for check-in.

Read on to find out how organizers can improve the check-in process.

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