The social network strategy for galleries: An Artsy toolkit

The social media toolkit published by Artsy will help galleries to grow their media presence.

The authors propose tips for formatting, timing and best practices using the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They advise increasing brand awareness by building a strategy of social media campaigns, and this publication will assist your gallery in this kind of initiatives. It consists of ideas for captivating images, making posts more visible and revising free tools. Among these tools you can find more surprising recommendations. For instance, whiten the gallery's walls on photos via special apps or use the information from your competitors to improve a posting. In other terms, authors suggest adding pages of similar galleries in the overview section of Facebook insights. It will enable you to compare development and note what kind of posts your audience like the most.

In general, to build strong communication strategy through social media accounts you should be involved, in other words, and engaging staff, artists and friends will help you to face new audiences, while using trends on social networks will make the page competitive. The accounts of your gallery should look like a story not only about “what your gallery is but what you want it to be”. To conclude, it is necessary to constantly reflect on your strategy and experiment.

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