Tips for creative leaders who are actually quiet persons

If you are the quiet person it can be exhausting to build the network of contacts and speak loud about your work. Pete Mosley wrote the book for such people with advice on self-promotion and ‘Creative Choice’ published the main advice.

Firstly, think about your online image. The article suggests to create ‘about me’ page using storytelling techniques to give your customers to hear your creative voice. Also, your page in social networks can be the source of professional information that you gather during own researchers in areas of interest. In the article, this method is called “thought leadership”, it means that you can express your outstanding competency in the creative area. Also try to make your messages comprehensible, use images and infographics.

Secondly, during meeting and events, it is not so necessarily to communicate with all people and try to sell your product. Instead, you can identify the key players in your sector and build the partnership. Prepare yourself and make small investigation about people who will attend the event too, it will help you to relax and feel confident.

Thirdly, tell people your story. When you express your dreams to other, people see your passion and most likely someone will help you achieve the goals.

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