How Armenia’s Cultural Capital Should be Exploited

Culture is the greatest capital in Armenia and cultural festivals are a great way to pave the country’s way to the worldwide audience.

“Yerevan Perspectives” International Music Festival is an independent cultural brand that has been hosted for the 17th time. The festival engages exceptional classical musicians.

Despite the festival’s success, Sona Hovhannisyan, the Managing Director of “Yerevan Perspectives” believes that what the festival needs is sustainability to be able to deliver greater programmes.

She says, “We can equally work with world famous festivals, as it is due to our professionalism, network and commitment that we can succeed in our work in Armenia. There are festivals whose directors are invited from abroad. In our case, we do our country credit, as the same workstyle would not reap any fruits in another country. We do need a board of trustees to maintain our sustainability, and to manage our funds, so that we do not have to think of ways retaining the project. The festival has been hosted for the seventeenth time and this time we should not think of retaining the festival but of coming up with ways of attracting about one million tourists to our country. We can definitely do this. “Yerevan Perspectives” can be one of the triggers for developing cultural tourism. We require additional resources and support for that. And the moment we have our board of trustees and make our festival a sustainable one, the picture will considerably change.” 

The article was drawn up in cooperation with the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity

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