If you managed to receive a grant, you’ve done half of the work. Yet, you still have a long and difficult road ahead to implement your idea. Our checklist of six items will help you focus on typical “problem” points.
  1. Follow the plan

When implementing a grant project, it is necessary to follow the action plan agreed upon by both parties. Only the grantor may amend the plan, for example, to add a requirement to cut expenses, to adjust certain plan items, etc.

  1. Time

When applying for a grant, be ready to find out the results after some time has passed. Even if you receive a positive response, you will need time to discuss a number of points with grantors. All actions should be taken by the indicated deadline, so be realistic about your capabilities from the very beginning.

  1. Funds

In most cases organisations are willing to cover expenses only partially, so you should look for additional sources of funding. Be transparent about potential grantors from the beginning. This will make you look trustworthy and increase your chances of receiving funds. Develop your budget with taxes in mind. You might face difficulties calculating the fees; taxes on authors’ orders, labour contracts and contracts with small businesses differ greatly. It’s better to cooperate with goods and services suppliers that can provide receipts. This will facilitate your budgeting considerably.

  1. Delegate responsibilities

You should appoint a person responsible for the implementation of each item on the action plan.

  1. Reports

In addition to the main report to be submitted after the event, the funding organisation may conduct inspections over the course of the event preparation. It is unlikely that this will be part of the commission, but you should nonetheless immediately record all operations performed in order to justify your expenses at a moment’s notice.

  1. Outcome

Presentation of a detailed report on the result obtained, including the evidence of the anticipated goal’s achievement (photos, videos, mass media articles, documents) and the budget implementation, is one of the grant project key points, so take it seriously and allocate enough time for this when you outline your initial plan.

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