The 23rd ENCATC (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres) Annual Conference on the Ecology of Culture will take place on October 21-23, 2015 in Lecce (Italy)

Academics, researchers, culture professionals, policy makers, artists, students and media will offer new, different views on culture. This event will reveal culture through the lens of ecology rather than through only financial or social ones. Such a perspective on culture can offer participants a deeper understanding of it as a whole.

One of the keynote speakers is John Holden, who studied culture for 8 years. In Lecce, Professor Holden will present “The Ecology of Culture” and talk about new models of visualising and categorising the cultural world. His insight will shift the perspective from seeing culture in terms of its funding and business models (such as state funded or the creative industries) towards the roles different people and organisations play within an overall system.

The dynamic three-day programme in Lecce is designed to explore different understandings and approaches to culture as an ecosystem, and is truly unique. In addition to keynote speakers, the conference will include cultural seminars, one of which will present the initial results of the European Cultural Leadership project to develop an Education Programme for emerging young leaders in Europe’s cultural sector.
The conference is an excellent chance to learn about the latest trends and developments happening in arts and culture, and for young people as well as novice researchers to establish new contacts with culture professionals.

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