Make professional contacts in Europe: opportunity for Belarusians

The project MOST offers around 1500 opportunities to visit any European country for professional development and links until December 2017. The opportunity is available only for Belarusian citizens.

The target sectors are culture, education and youth, science and technology. Applications from other sectors (i. e. economy, public health, public administration etc.) are welcome.

The mobility programme has three formats:

  • Small groups — short-term (2 to 5 persons — up to 7 days).

  • Individuals — short-term (up to 7 days).

  • Individuals — long term (internships up to 4 weeks).

The selected participants can visit any of 28 EU countries and MOST covers all expenditures of the mobility actions, such as travel, accommodation, subsistence, visa, insurance, and entrance fees.

MOST invites the public and the private sector, civil servants and civil society, administrative officers and NGO staff, artists, writers and composers, librarians and editors, employees and entrepreneurs, physicians and physicist. To participate you need to be at the minimum age of 18.

On the website, you will find the cases of successful travels to conferences, professional meetings and other international events.  

Learn more and apply through the website:  

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