Our selection includes exciting and smart devices that any creative person could find useful, from writers to artists, designers and art directors. Add these valuable gift ideas to your bookmarks!

53 Pencil - $59.95

A digital stylus for the iPad and iPhone. You can use it to write on smart devices and create sketches. By changing the angle of the pencil, you can create lines of all sizes. The pencil has a built-in eraser. Everything has been designed so you feel that you’re using a simple pencil and paper.

Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus - $55.50

With the help of this brush/stylus, you can create true paintings on your iPad. According to reviews, all you need to do is get used to the brush and learn how to control pressure. 

IRIScan Book - $99.99

Now you no longer need to rip a page out of a book or a magazine to save information. The wireless scanner IRIScan Book allows you to scan printed material and automatically send the file to your telephone, tablet or computer without the need for an Internet connection.

ZUtA - $250

This robotic printer will do all the work for you while you’re busy doing more important things. All you need to do is place the device on the sheet to be scanned. The robotic scanner is not yet in production, but you can pre-order it and receive a discount.

The Olloclip 4-in-1 lens - $80

An iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s lens that improves the quality of your photographs. According to some reviews, this particular device is the best in this product group.

LaCie Christofle Sphère - $490.00

The hand-crafted silver sphere offers 1 TB of storage and you can export all saved files to your device three times faster than with other USBs. You can backup your most valuable files on this sphere and not worry about losing anything in case of problems with your computer. 

Cubify 3D printer - $999.00

Every creative person should have a 3D printer that can help him or her make any fantasy a reality. You can use the printer to create anything, including day-to-day objects and clothing.

Swatchmate Color-Capturing Cube - $180 

This mini scanner allows you to determine the true colour of objects you see and send all information in RGB, CMYK and LAB. All you need to do is place the scanner on a coloured surface and push the sensor. The smart scanner captures and sends the information to your computer. The device also has an internal memory so you can save information on the scanner itself. 


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