Nine culture and art podcasts

Are you interested in news, discussions and personalities related to art and culture, but you don’t have enough time to read? Our list of podcasts will help you keep abreast of your favourite topics.

The British Council Arts Podcast 

The British Council Arts Podcast brings together panels of artists and industry experts to discuss some of the most important issues and exciting projects happening in the UK arts sector today.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour is a lively chat about books, movies, music, television, comics and pretty much anything else.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly, hour-long interview program featuring artists, historians, authors and curators.

Art Tactic

For those, who like to connect art and business. Every episode is about art market or new art companies.

The Museum of Lost Objects

During 10 episodes BBC 4 podcast you can hear stories of antiquities and historical sites that have been destroyed or looted amidst the conflict in Iraq and Syria over the past few years.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast

This podcast isn’t dedicated solely to modernism, but it tends to feature older, more established artists and curators. Tyler Green, an art historian and critic, traces through the guest’s entire biography, attempting to cover every important details of their work. The show is extremely informative.

Raw Material

This is an arts and culture podcast from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Each season focuses on a different topic, featuring voices of artists exploring the inspiration and stories behind modern and contemporary art.

The Conversation: Art Podcast

The host spitballs with artists, curators, and collectors. He isn’t afraid to touch controversial moments in his guests’ careers and tries to show the inner-workings of the art world.

Art Talk

Host and art critic Edward Goldman highlights art and museums in the international context. He packs a lot of interesting facts and observations into 5 minutes.

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