Developing An Online Dictionary As A National Treasury

The present Policy Brief discusses development of Azerbaijani language through creation of online dictionaries.

Every two weeks the world loses one language in average. The Azerbaijani language will only survive in our globalised information and knowledge society if the publishing industry can produce high quality and high quantities materials published both in hard and soft copies.

The Government of Azerbaijan has always realized the vital role of language for nation building and informational exchange between nations and generations and therefore, always paid special attention to this topic. In 2013 President of Azerbaijan Republic approved the «State Programme on Use of Azerbaijani language in globalization environment in accordance with requirements of the era and Development of linguistics in the country». There is wide use of ICT in research and promotion of Azerbaijani language and specifically preparation of new and improved electronic dictionaries of Azerbaijani language among the five priorities of the Programme.

Analysis of current situation with dictionaries in showcases 11 key areas that the publishing industry in Azerbaijan needs to focus on in order to improve the current offer of dictionaries.

It is recommended considering development of an open edited dictionary web resource within the broader context of establishing a national movement for ensuring the purity and beauty of the Azerbaijani language, called Our Language is a Treasure (Dilimiz Sə rvə timizdir). The general idea that would underline the movement would be: A Small Contribution Can Make a Big Difference.

Policy Brief (ENG)

Policy Brief (RUS)

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