What should you do to make your specific fundraising message memorable and unique from all the rest?

Successful fundraising campaigns usually have four common traits: a captivating story, a clear call to action, memorable images, and dynamic headings. All of the aforementioned components should be harmoniously combined for the campaign to be integral and effective. Below we present several tips on the most important points.
1. Start with the audience
To whom is your online campaign targeted? Current donors? Prospective donors? Volunteers? Women? Understanding an audience is crucial for developing content that will motivate that audience to act.
2. Develop the campaign theme and main message
Ideally, the main idea of your campaign should be no longer than a single sentence. The campaign theme should be simple, so as not to distract from the main idea. The theme should be present in e-mail addresses, headings, funding application forms, images, and set the tone for the entire campaign.
3. Write a good story
Write what you would like to tell people who support you. It goes without saying that facts are important, but people will react to the emotions provoked by your story. People are willing to share when they feel they must do so, therefore the story must inspire them to act.
4. Make a clear call to action
Every fundraising campaign must explain to the audience why a donation should be made, what effect will it have, and why it’s important to make it right away. Moreover, in successful fundraising campaigns making donations is very simple: in addition to the “Support Project” button, there should be several hyperlinks in the text for project funding and a donation application form adapted for mobile devices.
5. Create several levels of support
Offer potential sponsors several levels of support by accompanying each amount with an explanation of what the amount may be spent on and adding a link to the “Support Project” form. 
6. Create good headings for e-mail message subject lines
Your subject line may be your first and last chance to impress a potential sponsor. Therefore, headings must be dynamic, brief (5 to 6 words), reflect the campaign theme and be adapted for mobile devices.

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