The Creative Industry is One of the Most Fast-Growing Sectors in 2016

Create Together report examines the UK's strategy that expands the role of the creative industries in the country’s economy and policy.

This strategy is based on cooperation with government institutions, so as a case study this text will be interesting for both policy-makers and cultural activists. The department responsible for strategy is called the Creative Industries Council (CIC), and it decided to update the strategy to face new challenges.

The paper not only consists of the main steps in 2016, but also revises the results of actions carried out in 2014 to allow readers to assess the dynamics of the programme. In this case, the study states that the creative sector is growing 8.9% a year and has become the second fastest expanding industrial sector. In other words, the UK’s creative industries are shaping its reputation abroad and strengthening its economic growth.

In 2016 the strategy focuses on trade relations with the USA and key territories in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They continue to achieve goals decelerated in 2014, such as doubling the value of UK creative services exports, achieving recognition as one of the top countries in digital infrastructure and much more. But this year they added new goals such as engaging local communities, increasing creative industries-related subjects at schools and developing recognition among all departments of government. In the paper, you can also find detailed descriptions of CIC steps in areas of digital infrastructure, intellectual property, and regulation.

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