Lecture 5. Application package with Yvelin Karu-Veskioja
The application package of Creative Europe can be divided into two components.

One block is about information about the consortium and the organizations participating. The second block is about the project itself. Based on this logic the work is easily divided between different contributors. I must say that preparing an application is a mini project that has to be managed too. For organizations or consortium applying for grant, different background data must be provided. The contact data of organizations will appear automatically on the e-form when PIC code is entered. Just double-check that the information is up to date. You also have to describe the activities of the organization and the role you are going to play in the project. You are also expected to list all the previous EU grants or current applications pending for approval. Very often to find this information takes time if you don’t have one single data base in your organization, so I suggest you start early to collect this information. You are also asked to describe the financial and operational capacity of your organization to be sure that you are capable to carry out the role you are expected to play in the project. Be short, be specific. Please, check that your current experience is in line with the role you are going to play in the project. In the application form, please, make sure that you have fulfilled all the fields. If some of the information asked is not relevant to your organization or the projects, please, say so or put dash (“-”), or put zero (“0”) but just don’t leave it blank. In this case there will be no confusion if the information is not relevant or if you have just forgotten to provide it. For additional documents to be provided with the application form, look early what they are and start to collect them early from partners, especially those requiring signatures. For most of them there are pre-given forms. 

For the second main block you are asked to describe the project itself but before you start to fulfill the application form I suggest you have reached main agreements with the partners. By main agreements I mean who is going to do ‘What?’, ‘When?’ and ‘For which budget?’. To start the negotiations with potential partners it is enough of one page short summery about ‘What do you want to do?’, ‘What is the possible budget?’, ‘What are you expecting from your partners?’, and ‘What do they get out of the project?’. The project description should then be elaborated together with all the partners. First of all, it gives you an understanding of what your partners are and what can you expect from them during the implementation of your project. And secondly, this way everybody gets an understanding of their future possibilities and applications. Without these main components it is useless to start filling in the application form. Further details will of course be elaborated during the writing process. While writing project description, feel free to make it enjoyable reading as there is no pre-given form for that. This is the place to sell your idea to evaluators. Use the possibilities of Word to systematize your text, make it in paragraphs, underline the important things, use graphics or pictures to illustrate. In other words, make it enjoyable reading for the evaluator. In other words, make it easy for the evaluator to read and understand what your project will be about even if he doesn’t want to read the whole document. Keep in mind that evaluator doesn’t know anything about your organization nor the project. Therefore, do not be afraid or uncomfortable to explain even simple things that may look obvious to you. Use justifications and provide sufficient background information. Be as long as necessary but at the same time be as short and specific as possible. Finally, if there is any time left, you might want someone else to read your application to see if something can be elaborated more or detailed better, and if the language you have used is understandable. For activities and budget I suggest you use a working document at the beginning so you understand yourself, what are the activities, related cost and timeframe. Based on this working document it is much easier later to fulfill the application and budget forms provided by the program. While preparing your application I suggest you read Evaluation Criteria from time to time and see critically how project relates to them and if you can make improvements. In conclusion, feeling an application is not as complex as it may seem in the beginning. It only takes time and effort from all the partners. Please, keep in mind that it represents your consortium, your project, and it is your promise. Good luck.

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