Case Studies
Case Studies
This case study has been prepared so that you can see a reasonably wide range of income and cost types albeit at headline level.

For simplicity this budget assumes that the vast majority of the funds needed has been raised before the capital building works commence.

Please note that there are a series of comments on some cells. These are indicated by the red corner in an individual cell.

The case study is for an organisation with a fixed physical venue e.g. a museum, gallery, arts centre or theatre. The organisation is non-profit and turns over something in the region of £100-200k per annum. The project is a refurbishment of old buildings to bring them to new uses. As part of that project a series of education and outreach activities are also planned which need both a budget for delivery and a budget for new staff.

Specialist professional skills will be bought in to undertake the architectural planning and to provide expert oversight of the works as they happen. If this project was running over more than one year a contingency to cover increases in materials and labour costs would be required.

This budget is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used as the basis for local budgeting as the circumstances in the countries which are participating may well be different. The benchmark data provides a more accurate illustration of the relative levels of spend on areas such as marketing, salaries, and project costs as a percentage of overall spend in an organisation.

The calculations in the budget have been checked and should all be in working order but anyone who uses a blank version of this spreadsheet should check the calculations as the cells have not been ‘locked’.

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