Lecture 4. Registration of the organization with Yvelin Karu-Veskioja
Hello. My name is Yvelin Karu-Veskioja and I am the Head of Culture Desk, Estonia.

Registration of the organization in participant portal 

In order to apply from Creative Europe program, organizations must register themselves at the participant portal and obtain a PIC code. PIC code consists of nine digits. Registration of the organization in participant portal is easy. It just takes little bit time. You can register the organization at the portal anytime and you don’t need to wait until the application round is open. When your organization is already registered in the participant portal for other programs, such as Erasmus+ or Horizon 2020, you don’t need to do it again. Likewise, if you are registering your organization for Creative Europe program, the PIC code is valid for other programs managed by the executive agency. I must say that it is not just another bureaucratic step on the way. It actually makes following applications much easier for you. While entering the PIC code in the application form the data of the organization appears automatically. You just need to check that it’s up to date. Also you don’t need to send all the general documentation about your organization again and again with each new application.

Registration in participant portal is a three step process

First, a person starting to register an organization must create so called ECAS account for himself of herself as a private person. Keep in mind that it is not yet the registration of the organization. It takes only few minutes to create ECAS account but you cannot go further without this step and at the end you will receive the confirmation e-mail.

Secondly, you can start registration of the organization in participant portal. This also takes about 10 or 15 minutes when all the information is ready available. So I suggest you collect all the information before you started, like telephone numbers, street address, postal codes, VAT-number, registration number. And after this step again you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

The third step is to upload all the additional documentation, like the statues of the company, VAT registration information and documents that you refer to in your confirmation e-mail.

As I already mentioned, it is quite easy process but for each step you will receive a confirmation e-mail, so be patient before you can proceed with the next step. Once your organization is registered in the portal, you can then modify and update the information when necessary, for example, if you have moved and you have a new address.

You do not need to register your organization again in the portal when your application will receive a positive answer from Creative Europe program. I also suggest that you have more than one person related to organization’s account in case the password is lost or the person has left the position in the organization.

It is not a rocket science but it takes little bit of time so I suggest you start with the registration process already now. Good luck.

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