Lecture 2. How to build partnerships
It is so easy and so difficult at the same time to build a strong and qualitative partnership as to find a real friend. In any case you can find professionals willing to work with you in culture and creative sectors internationally in some different ways.

At the beginning, think about the ones you already know or the ones which your friends know. It is the best to start to work with the people you know and the ones you have experience working together. Try to think about the members of your known network and make a Map of all Possibilities. Please, also note that in Creative Europe projects various organisations from different sectors are encouraged to work together.

You can also use other methods and tools looking for possible partnerships.

For example, have a look at the best existing networks in your field; contact them to check if their mission and activities interest you. You might want to have a look at the LISTS OF NETWORKS funded by the European Union and namely Creative Europe programme.

Also, always remember that there is a NETWORK OF CREATIVE EUROPE DESKS in most of all participating countries which all are willing to help you to connect with the organisations in their respective countries.

Some of them offer various partner SEARCH TOOLS AND DATABASES.

You can also meet with the representatives of the national institutes, residing in your country or CULTURE ATTACHES - they are also the ones which might help you to draw a map of the partners and to guide you further on.

Also do not forget about ALREADY FUNDED PROJECTS by the programme and official dissemination platform. Very likely that they will continue to apply in the future - so you not only might want to explore successful projects and to be inspired, but maybe also to join them.

Various CONFERENCES like Culture Forum and other international meetings are also extremely useful for making new contacts and partnerships.

Remember, one good and trustful partner from eligible country is already a very good starting point to continue in adding friends of friends and building a great partnership for EU project. 

Be aware that you are going to work with international team and you might be willing to know more about the culture, traditions, habits and other important features of your partner’s countries in order to understand each other better and to enjoy intercultural dialogue.

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