Additional Materials
Additional Materials
  1. The course "Introduction to Cultural and Creative Industries"

  2. Creative entrepreneurship: how to turn creativity into your base for business?

  3. Joshua Rothman. The Meaning of “Culture”   

  4. Ways of Defining Art  

  5. James C. Kaufman. Creativity 101. Springer Publishing Company, 2009. - 256 p.

  6. Who is who in culture: from artist and philosopher to consumer

  7. Course on Strategic Planning

  8. Competitive advantages. Online article and PDF file are downloadable

  9. Strategic Planning Framework for cultural businesses and creative industries

  10. Let's do it step by step: How does Design Thinking work?

  11. Tim Brown Design Thinking in business. From developing new products to designing business models. — М.: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber. — 2012.

  12. Jeanne Liedtka. Think as a designer. A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers. — М.: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber. — 2015.

  13. David Kelley, Tom Kelley. Creative Confidence. How to unleash your creative potential. — К.: Osnovy. — 2017.

  14. The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design. — C.:Design Kit. — 2015.

  15. EdEra from within: The principles of horizontal organisations

  16. Manuel Castells. The Rise of the Network Society, 1996.

  17. Robert Hassan. Media, Politics and the Network Society. Open University Press, Buckingham, 2004.

  18. 11 Successful Networking Tips

  19. Jackie Hay on Modern Art Management: Marketing and Audience Development Strategies

  20. Кейс Культурного Проекта: как коммуникации становятся инструментом по воплощению миссии (Cultural Project Case Study: How communications turn into a tool to implement your missions) (In Russian)

  21. J. Rodriguez. To Sell or Not To Sell? An Introduction to Business Models (Innovation) for Arts and Culture Organisations. — IETM, Brussels, March 2016. Link:

  22. Michalko, Michael. Cracking Creativity: The Secrets of Creative Genius / Michael Michalko ; transl. from English by Aleksandra Korobeinikova. — М. : Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2016. — 320 pages.

  23. Мозг на паузе: как выйти из творческого тупика и заставить себя придумывать новые идеи (You brain on pause: how to find the way out of the creative deadlock and make yourself generate new ideas) (in Russian)   

  24. 18 Best Idea Generation Techniques

  25. Content Idea Generation: Super Easy 5 Step BRAVO Method

  26. 19 Top Brainstorming Techniques to Generate Ideas for Every Situation

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