Lecture 5. The 3Ms of Marketing
This is a simple but powerful technique for communicating effectively with customers.

Firstly identify the specific Market, then craft the exact Message, then finally choose the best Medium to deliver the message.

This technique is surprisingly simple and very effective. Everyone must agree with its logic. However, most mistakes and failures of marketing communications are a result of not following this easy method.

Firstly, for each product or service, identify the target market – or possibly several different markets. This is M1: the Market.

Secondly, for each market, craft a message. If there are different markets for a product, each market may require a different message. Of course the message must emphasise customer benefits. This Message is M2.

M3 is the Medium. This is the vehicle we will use to deliver each message to each market. The medium must be chosen because it is the best way to deliver a specific message to a particular market. By focusing on the market’s customers, we can choose a medium that is appropriate to them.

This all makes perfect sense, so how do people get it wrong?

The usual mistake is that people deal with the 3Ms in the wrong order. They choose a Medium first, before considering the message and the market. They are enchanted by a particular medium and decide to use it before considering to what extent it suits the message and the market. This can happen by using social media (because it’s fashionable) or a website (because everyone else has one) or a printed leaflet (because we got a special offer).

Each of these Mediums (media) is not good or bad in its own right; only in relation to its effectiveness in delivering a particular message to a particular market.

So beware using the 3Ms in the wrong order. By using the 3Ms of marketing in the right order, our marketing communications become more targeted, more precise, and more successful.

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