Press package
In this part of the course, we will talk not about the standard press package, but about the materials that you should always have ready on the media’s request.

Let’s settle it for good: press package is a formal reference to the materials you always have with you for the media.

It is no longer a real paper folder with all the information about your organisation. Nowadays this is quite easy to find online.

That is why, when we talk about a press package we talk about an informational constructor that will help you to build a story or a scenario on the media’s request. It is in the development of these materials that you should invest money and resources. You will prepare them once and then will come back to these from time to time to make an update.

Think about engaging a freelance journalist for this, as who is better than a journalist to adopt materials about your organization in an easy to understand human language.  Provide a journalist with a story skeleton. Explain why this issue is so important.

1. What are the main statistical data, comparisons and interesting facts.

Find the ways to make your story sensational or important for the society.

Explain in what way the opening of your gallery or implementation of your project will affect the lives of millions of people.

2. The next element is the stories of real people.

Who can become a real protagonist of your story apart from the experts?

3. Multimedia.

Do offer not only text but the visual content as well,  where you can find photo and video materials. You can provide journalists with an access to your multimedia archive but the journalists from high-quality known media prefer to make it themselves. Offer them a place, time and protagonists.

4. Speakers and contacts.

There should be 2 different view points: Journalists always want to have at least 2 different opinions. Think who are your opponents or competitors. What critical points about you and from who are you ready to see in the media? Prepare a list and contacts of the key speakers on your issues: experts who stand for and against it.


Prepare a press package on your organization:

  • What can it contain?
  • 10 key facts about the project, issue or the area of expertise;
  • List of experts who can comment or give interviews;
  • Protagonists and visuals.

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