Additional resources
Additional resources

Developing Skills for NGOs. Project Proposal Writing.

The Logical Framework Approach, Greta Jensen, How To guide December 2013…/The-logical-framework-approach-Ho…

Project Design Manual. A thorough guide funded by the UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO).…/down…/coopafricaprojectdesignmanual.pdf

Learning Lab: A Proposal Writing Short Course: A step-by-step guide on how to write a proposal to start fundraising. The report outlines the structure of a proposal with tips on what to include in each part of the process and how to gather the required information.…/tutor…/shortcourse/prop1_print

The Best Proposal Writing Techniques for NGOs: How to write a good proposal. It considers the importance of clearly stating the project idea.…/proposal-writing-techniques-…/

How to Write a Proposal: This publication explains the concepts involved in the process of proposal writing.

Writing a Funding Proposal: This guide gives advice on finding donors and techniques to use when developing a proposal in a small team.…/Writing%20a%20funding%20proposal.p…

A Guide to Proposal Writing and Planning: The report provides links for reference materials. The two types of project proposals reviewed are short letter proposals to private foundations, and long grant proposals geared towards governmental donors. The report also provides useful pointers on how to approach the right people.

How to Write a Grant Proposal: The site provides a brief and concise guide on grant writing along with some descriptions of terms and concepts. It offers advice on identifying the right person to write the proposal and avoiding common mistakes.

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